About Melissa

My eagerness for environmental justice has compelled my determination to create new consumption habits. I want to encourage consumers to think about how and what they consume. I have chosen to sacrifice elements of my life for a zero waste lifestyle, thinking about my carbon, land, material and water footprint.

I have become tired of my consumption encounters when buying skincare products. The impersonal products I buy in plastic bottles from employees that know nothing about me has driven me to create a new shopping experience. One that nurtures my clients and takes into consideration their lifestyle choices to create a product that is personal, with empathy and understanding. When I go into a shop I yearn to be seen and feel loved and hopefully that is why you are here now. I have become intolerant of corporate beauty and mass consumption and I want to provide you with skincare range that is bespoke to you on an individual and personal level. I am tired of mass consumption and materialism and hope that you are ready to take a leap into the new era of consumer habits.

I also use oils that are sustainably sourced from a local company that has a very strict environmental ethic. You can click here for more information.

So, for whatever reason you here, I am here to help you on a journey to nurture and love yourself into becoming the amazing human you are. Thank you for arriving at this moment of discovery and zest on both my journey and yours.

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